Expressive Mountain Landscape Workshop


Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains through the expressive art of landscape painting. Join renowned artist Heather Kanazawa for an inspiring workshop designed to capture the essence of these majestic peaks. This workshop is perfect for artists of all levels who are eager to explore expressive painting techniques while creating vibrant, dynamic landscapes.

What You Will Learn:
* Basic Painting Techniques: Master essential acrylic painting techniques, including mixing colors and using value to add depth and dimension to your work.
* Elements of Art: Learn how to effectively incorporate color, line, space, shape, form, and texture into your landscape paintings to create compelling compositions.
* Acrylic Mediums: Explore the use of various acrylic mediums and additives to achieve different effects, enhancing the expressiveness of your artwork.
* Reference Utilization: Develop your ability to use reference photos, either brought from home or provided by the instructor, to inform and inspire your mountain landscape paintings.

What to Expect:
The workshop will begin with a demonstration by Heather, where she will showcase her approach to capturing the Blue Ridge Mountains’ landscapes. Following the demo, participants will work on their own pieces with one-on-one guidance from Heather. There will be plenty of opportunities for questions, feedback, and personalized instruction throughout the session.

Provided Materials:
* Acrylic paints
* Brushes
* Water cups
* Palette knives
* Canvas

Students are encouraged to bring their own reference photos of the Blue Ridge Mountains, though reference images will also be provided by the instructor.

About the Instructor:
Heather Kanazawa was born and raised in Edinburg Pennsylvania, USA. As a child, she was always creating- drawing, painting, and sculpting. It was only natural that she majored in art in college, attending Edinboro University and earning a BFA in Painting in 2007 and then an MA in Art Education in 2011. She has exhibited her work locally, regionally, and internationally and her work is in public art collections. She has had work in the feature film, “Sprung”. She currently lives and works in North Carolina.

Heather Kanazawa is a celebrated artist known for her expressive landscape paintings that colorfully depict natural sceneries. With years of experience both as a professional artist and educator, Heather brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and creativity to her workshops. Her work is characterized by its dynamic energy, rich textures, and vibrant color palettes, making her a favorite among students and collectors alike.

Join us for a day of artistic exploration and leave with a stunning landscape painting and a deeper understanding of expressive acrylic techniques!


Jun 22 2024


11:00 am - 1:30 pm


Arts Center – Second Floor – Palette Studio
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